Compare Home

Our goal with this new service is to help investors and rehabbers make smart decisions about properties. And you can’t do that without good information on both the property and the neighborhood. This is where our shop and compare service is so valuable. Subscribe and you’ll get a powerful research tool that helps you evaluate properties in less time. Once you’ve subscribed, you can find, compare, and evaluate properties in four simple steps.

How It Works

Step 1 – Find a Property for Sale

Use our search engine to find properties in the target area and review them. The listings contain exactly what you’d expect from an MLS listing, so reviewing a property and doing research will be a snap. Once you’ve found a property that deserves a closer look, you’ll naturally want to look for comps in the area.

Step 2 – Search for Similar Properties

Search for similar properties within the distance you specify. The default distance is a radius of 0.25 miles. Save any interesting comps using the Save and Compare Similar Properties Feature. You can search using other parameters:

  • Estimated sale price
  • Last Updated
  • 30-day change in value
  • High and low valuations
  • “Percentile” (percentage of median home value in the area)

You can save up to 100 comparable properties at a time in each saved search. Of course, you can also create multiple searches.

Step 3 – Save Your Search

Sign in and save that property if you are interested in making an offer. You can give each search a name, such as “Bayshore Gardens” or “Cortez, FL” so you can easily distinguish between searches in the same geographic area. You’ll want to compare that saved property with comparable properties in the area. That is step two. You can give each search a title of up to 30 characters. You can use the Notes field to record brainstorming notes or additional research related to the search. This field has a limit of 1,000 characters, which is 140 to 250 words.

Step 4 – Analyze the Property

Saved data can be sorted by any of the search criteria. Create a report that’s downloadable as a PDF. You can use your report to see how the selected property stacks up against neighboring properties on key variables like percentile, change in value, and price per square foot after doing a little math.