How It Works

There are a lot of ingredients for selling a home. Taxes, titles, inspections and endless paperwork make it challenging for many homeowners to get through the process.

Yucky Home Buyer understands the different steps for selling a home all too well and want to help you sell your house quickly and without the hassle.

Too much time wasted on the wrong buyer could mean a missed opportunity and the chance to make thousands of dollars selling your property. With Yucky Home Buyer, we can view your home and make you an offer the same day.

Yucky Home Buyer Process

Our agents understand just how complicated it can be to sell your house. It’s our mission to make the process easier for you and remove the hurdles to get an offer. The process is effortless and transparent because we are focusing on helping you get the best deal rather than concentrating on making a commission on the sale.

5 Simple Steps for Buying
Your Yucky Home

We talk with you (the homeowner) and get to know a little more about your property.

Next, we arrange a visit to do a quick walk-through of your home, meet you, and view the property.

After the walkthrough, we make you an offer. That’s right. You’ll get an offer the SAME DAY.

If you accept our offer, we buy your property as is. No need to worry about repairs or maintenance.

From there we handle the transferring
of the title. All you have to do is accept our check.

Get Cash for Your Yucky Home

Sometimes real estate agents are only looking out for themselves. With a commission to be made, it’s easy for them to get side-tracked into selling your house in a way that might not benefit you.

Our agents only have your best interests in mind. Because we don’t work on commission, we can focus on helping you navigate the situation that you’re currently experiencing. The result is the sale of your home steeped and cash money.

Sell Your Yucky Home Quickly

The entire operation to sell your home usually takes about seven days. Within 24-hours of contacting us, we can initiate our simple 5-step process. It’s our goal to make the process as painless as possible.

Regardless of the condition, we pay you cash for your home. As a result, you can side-step working with a real estate agent and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars. We’ll work with you every step of the way, so you encounter fewer hassles and can focus on the financial benefits of selling your home.