Who do you typically sell to?

We buy homes for cash from anyone in the Middle Tennessee area and beyond. Most people come to Yucky Home Buyer as an alternative to traditional financing or to side-step the costs to work with a real estate agent. It doesn’t matter the reason. We’ll make you an offer the same day as our walk through.

What do you consider a “Yucky” house?

This is probably the second most common question we are asked when it comes to buying your home. The truth is, we are interested in purchasing your property regardless of its current state. We’ve bought homes from people with:

Plumbing Issues

➻ Faulting Wiring
➻ Structural Damage
➻ Water Damage
➻ Leaking Roof
➻ And More
There really is no need to worry about fixing up your property. We will buy it for cash.

What is the process that I will go through?

We’ve been in the same position as yourself and understand that selling a home is a complex task. We strive to make it easy for you the homeowner. After receiving your call, we schedule a walkthrough where we come to meet you and look at the property. This is the perfect time for us to talk and for you to ask us any questions you might have about selling to us. Once the walkthrough is completed, we make you an offer right there on the spot. If you accept, we’ll take over the closing procedures.

How much can I expect to get for my house?

That’s an excellent question, and the answer depends on different factors which are mostly location and the condition. Our offers come in under market value so we can make the necessary renovations. This process is beneficial for you because you get cash for your home while we take over all the closing costs and responsibilities.

What types of homes do you buy?

We buy any type of house:
➻ Single-family
➻ Multi-family
➻ Condo
➻ Town home
➻ Duplex

What fees do you charge?

Absolutely nothing. We don’t charge fees or have any hidden costs for you to worry about. In fact, you are under no obligation to accept our offer if you so choose.

If I call you am I now obligated to you in any way?

No. No matter how you contact us, you are in no way, shape, or form obligated to Yucky Home Buyer. We’ve been exactly where you are before and will never pressure anyone to sell us their home. Even if we come out to your house, you don’t have to accept our offer.